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Say NO to mandatory vaccines!

Federal Liberal health minister Jean-Yves Duclos says he wants to discuss a mandatory vaccine mandate with the provinces and territories.

What was deemed a “conspiracy theory” only a few months ago is now becoming reality.

Canada is seriously considering mandating vaccines for Canadians.

First, the “experts” told us if 75% of Canadians got two doses of the COVID vaccine, lockdowns would end.

More than 76% of Canadians have voluntarily gotten vaccinated and yet we’re still in lockdown.

And now, some provinces are warning Canadians that two doses are not enough – to be considered fully vaccinated, you’ll need three doses.

When will this end? When will Canadians say enough is enough? 

We’ve had enough of the government’s moving goal posts. What about you? 

Canadians’ personal health decisions have nothing to do with the government’s failure to expand our health care system’s capacity. They’ve only had 2 years to do it after all.

SIGN if you oppose a mandatory vaccination policy in Canada. 

If 20,000 Canadians sign this petition, we’ll send a copy to Health Ministers across Canada. 

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