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Put Andrew Lawton’s book on Indigo’s bookshelves!

The Freedom Convoy: The Inside Story of Three Weeks that Shook the World tells the whole story of what happened in Ottawa during the largest protest in Canadian history and challenges the inaccurate narratives pushed by the legacy media. 

Written by True North journalist Andrew Lawton, the book has topped best-seller lists – on Amazon, the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

Despite this, Indigo has decided to not sell the book in their stores.

Indigo will not provide a reason as to why it won’t stock Lawton’s book.

Is it because the book debunks the Trudeau government’s false claims about the convoy? 

Or is it because the book challenges the legacy media’s demonization of convoy protesters?

Whatever the reason is, Canadians deserve to know the truth about what happened in Ottawa.

Do you agree?

Sign our petition to put Andrew Lawton’s book on Indigo’s bookshelves!

If more than 25,000 Canadians sign this petition, we’ll send a copy to Indigo’s head office.

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