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Ban Election Signs on Public Property!

It’s election season, which means vast numbers of ugly and unnecessary election signs from candidates have popped up across communities in Canada.

Nobody likes these election signs. They clutter up our streets and contribute nothing of substance to the debate.

The reality is this campaign tactic is usually one of the biggest expenses in a political campaign and more importantly – they don’t work! 

According to a study by Columbia University, election signs on average increase vote share by 1.7 percentage points, and yet local campaigns spend thousands of dollars – or even tens of thousands – cluttering up our roads with these costly signs.

In addition, due to the material used and their size, election signs pose a danger to animals and the visually impaired. 

And finally, once the election is over, these election signs are usually tossed in the dump or the local campaign forgets to pick them up – an unnecessary amount of waste that impacts our environment.

We understand that a lot of Canadians like to proudly display their support for their political parties and that’s fine – election signs can and should be welcomed on private property.

But when it comes to public property, there’s no point to littering our neighbourhoods with pointless and excessive election signs.


If 25,000 Canadians sign this petition, we’ll share it with local municipalities across Canada to ensure these election signs are restricted to private property only.

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